Five Common Myths About Money

For decades we have been misinformed about all the things that money can't buy. Some of these include...

  • Money can't buy you happiness
  • Money can't buy health
  • Money does not grow on trees
  • Rich people are dishonest snobs
  • Money won't buy you love

The truth is, that all the above are simply myths that have come about through the stigma that has been adopted over time through ignorance by those who have not been properly educated about money. Perhaps some of us have been brought up by a parent who mismanaged finances. Very often its the things we often hear people saying in conversation that can affect our values on money. Money is an elusive commodity, some say its a necessary evil. It is on the other hand, very necessary if we are to live happy, healthy and stress free lives.

People who gamble or find excuses not to save will usually say... "I don't care about money it's not everything. It can't buy me happiness." When infact money can buy us happiness and a life to go with it. The truth is that there are many health benefits with little or no stress in relation to how it can enhance our health.

For example, it can enable us to paid entitlements such as private health care, the best doctors and hospitals, it will allow us to purchase a healthy lifestyle which include quality supplements and treatments that can prevent sickness.

Rich people have often worked extremely hard so they can afford a better quality of life. Often they have worked long hours because they have a driving persistence to reach their goals, and by the time they have achieved that dream, they have made it look simple. As for the cliché that the rich are snobs, I imagine they would shun the knockers and have a good strong positive mindset and socialise with like minded uplifting individuals. The rich will often choose who they run with very carefully, as they have learned to read people on their journey, avoiding those who will take from them.

Money can buy love to a degree. It gives people options to improve their relationships on all types of levels. Trips overseas together, places to visit that enhance your love life, and not having to worry about the expense. Financial worry causes stress related illnesses, which can be avoided if you had money in the first place. It is not everything, but its a good start if your sensible with it.

They say money doesn't grow on trees. The old adage's about money that we grew up on, are so instilled into our psyche, that a lot of us build our basic beliefs on them, infact most clichés about money condition us to believe that it is something to feel guilty about. Money is no more than just an energy we are able to attract to us if we know how. There are a lot of money manifestation courses around today, make sure you check them out properly and your not being scammed.

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